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High Pass Filter Circuits

high pass filter circuits

    filter circuits
  • Electronic filters are electronic circuits which perform signal processing functions, specifically to remove unwanted frequency components from the signal, to enhance wanted ones, or both.

    high pass
  • In J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy world of Middle-earth, the Misty Mountains (also known by its Sindarin name of Hithaeglir—misspelled as Hithaiglin on the original Lord of the Rings map—and as the Mountains of Mist) is a mountain range, running for 795 miles (1280 kilometres) from north to south,

  • (of a filter) Transmitting all frequencies above a certain value

  • High Pass is a mountain pass in the foothills of the Coast Range mountains in Lane County, Oregon, United States. High Pass Road connects the unincorporated community of Horton, on the west side of the pass, with Cheshire, Monroe, Junction City, and the other low-lying farm towns to the east.

  • A high-pass filter, or HPF, is an LTI filter that passes high frequencies well but attenuates (i.e., reduces the amplitude of) frequencies lower than the filter's cutoff frequency. The actual amount of attenuation for each frequency is a design parameter of the filter.

high pass filter circuits - Sony XM604M

Sony XM604M Marine 4/3-Channel Amplifier

Sony XM604M Marine 4/3-Channel Amplifier

600W Max Power
60W x 4 RMS into 4 ohms
60W x 2 + 140W x 1 RMS into 4 ohms
80Hz High pass filter switch
80Hz Low pass filter switch
Conformal circuit board coating
Line & Speaker level inputs
CEA-2006 Power Compliant

Building a competent marine entertainment system has never been easier, especially with Sony's XM-604M 4/3 channel marine amplifier at the core. Designed to resist the rigors of salt water and sunshine, this amp features multiple channel configurations and single-side electrical connections to suit almost any application.
Sony XM-604M
Designed to resist the rigors of salt water and sunshine. Click here for a larger imageSony XM-604M
View a dimensional diagram (units in inches). Click here for a larger image
Marine Ready
The XM-604M is made to endure everything the marine environment will throw at it. Conformal circuit board coating protects the internal electronics. UV-resistant paint and anti-rust paint on front panel and bottom plate keep it protected from the sun's rays and oxidation. Gold-plated screws, terminals, and connections all resist corrosion.
High- and Low-Level Inputs
The XM-604M features both RCA pin jacks for low level inputs, or you can make a direct connection with the speaker output (e.g., a high-level input connection) of your marine audio unit if it is not equipped with the line output. Input level is also adjustable, so you can match your receiver's output perfectly for minimal distortion.
Low- and High-Pass Filters
This amplifier features a built-in low-pass filter with an 18 dB/octave slope, and a high-pass filter with 12 dB/octave slope, both at 80Hz.
Pulse Power Supply
This unit has a built-in power regulator which converts the power supplied by the 12V DC marine battery into high-speed pulses using a semiconductor switch. These pulses are stepped up by the built-in pulse transformer and separated into both positive and negative power supplies before being converted into direct current again. This is to regulate fluctuating voltage from the marine battery. This light weight power supply system provides a highly efficient power supply with a low impedance output.
Protection Circuitry
Protect both your vehicle's electronics and this amplifier with built-in protection circuitry for thermal overload, direct current, and short circuiting. The unit will shut down after indicating the issue with a red LED.
XM-604M Select Specifications
Power Rating:4 Speakers: 110 W x 4 (at 4 ohms)
3 Speakers: 150 W x 2 (at 2 ohms), 300 W x 1 (BTL, at 4 ohms)

T.H.D:.005% or Less
S/N Ratio:97dB
Power Supply Voltage:10.5 - 16V
Frequency Response:5 Hz - 50 kHz
Input Level:0.3 - 6.0V (RCA input) 2.8 - 12.0V (High Level Input)
Low Pass Filter:80 Hz, -18dB/octave
High Pass Filter:80 Hz, -12dB/octave
Dimensions:15-7/8 x 2-1/4 x 10-1/2 Inches (W x H x D)
Weight:7 Lbs. 1 Oz.

What's in the Box
Sony XM604M Marine 4/3 Channel Amplifier, High-Level Input Cable, Mounting Hardware, Protection Cap, Documentation

79% (19)

Project Flickr Week 29 - Work/Chores

Project Flickr Week 29 - Work/Chores

Don't try this at home! Ever have one of those days at work when you'd just like to pass a UV Lamp through your brain and make it all go away?

This is Mikey at work. I work at a UV Technology company. I sell replacement parts and equipment for Ultraviolet Purification. UV purification uses a portion of the ultraviolet spectrum known as UV-C. It is a shorter, higher energy wavelength than the UV-A and UV-B you've probably heard about. UV-A and UV-B can give you a sunburn, but UV-C really gets serious. When pathogens are exposed to UV-C light, the cell walls are penetrated and the DNA is altered making reproduction impossible and rendering the pathogen ineffective. Don't worry about me...I was born with altered DNA!

There are two specific wavelengths of UV-C that are used in the UV industry, 254 nanoMeters and 185 nanoMeters.

254 nanoMeters is used for disinfection and ozone destruction. The next time you take a drink of a beer, bottled water, or a soda, chances are the water in it was disinfected using UV light. UV is also used to disinfect municipal drinking water and also used in wastewater treatment. After it has been filtered, settled and scrubbed, it is passed through UV light before it is dumped back into the steam for someone else to drink. Don't gag! Here's a secret- all water is reused! UV light is also used in homes to treat well water.

UV light is also used in the pharmaceutical industry and now in swimming pools, spas and water features in public buildings.

UV is also used in the microelectronics industry. The 185nM wavelength is used in a process called Total Organic Carbon destruction. Organic Carbon atoms and molecules in water used to wash off electronic wafers can short between the tiny electronic circuits in microchips. UV-C in the 185nM wavelength destroys the organic carbon molecules and then they can be filtered off.

UV-C is present in sunlight, but the ozone layer protects us from the deadly effects of UV-C radiation. I wouldn't worry about the "hole" in the ozone layer. Remember the two wavelengths of UV-C I mentioned? 254 destroys ozone, but 185 produces it. God has it all under control!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about what Mikey does at work!

Canon 450d

Canon 450d

Canon 450D/XSI/KISS2
•12.2 megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor for high resolution images of superb quality and detail
•DIGIC III Imaging Processor for high quality fast image processing,
-Provides ultra-fast processing system
-Reduces false colours and improve image quality
-On-chip noise reduction circuit for low levels of noise even at high ISO
•14-bit A/D conversion 16,384 gradations per colour
•3-layer optical low-pass filter (LPF) effectively reduces false colours and maintains excellent resolutions
•Expanded dynamic range due to improvements of the S/N ratio of the CMOS sensor (inhibits over-whitening) for better highlight retention and noise reduction

high pass filter circuits

high pass filter circuits

Pyle PLBASS10 10-Inch Low-Profile Super Slim Active Amplified Subwoofer System

This Pyle 10" 1000-watt super slim active subwoofer packs killer thumping bass in a slim package. Works great in any space, especially under-seat installations - the small footprint means space is not a problem. This model accepts both low level RCA and high level speaker line inputs. It has a remote for bass boost level control within the comfort of your vehicle. A low pass filter prevents annoying subsonics from distorting your signal. And thermal and overload protection extend the life of your product and ensure the safety of your vehicle. Weighs 15.5 lbs.

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