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Sand Filters Swimming Pools

sand filters swimming pools

    swimming pools
  • (swimming pool) pool that provides a facility for swimming; "`swimming bath' is a British term"

  • (Swimming Pool (album)) Swimming Pool is the last album by the noted British folk/blues/rock songwriter, guitarist and singer Al Jones. It marked his return to writing and recording after many years of relative obscurity. All the tracks are written by Jones himself and published by Rogue Music.

  • (Swimming pool (film)) Swimming Pool is a 2003 British/French thriller film directed by Francois Ozon and starring Charlotte Rampling and Ludivine Sagnier.

  • An artificial pool for swimming in

    sand filters
  • A filter used in water purification and consisting of layers of sand arranged with coarseness of texture increasing downward

  • (Sand filter) Sand filters are used for water purification. There are three main types; # rapid (gravity) sand filters # upflow sand filters # slow sand filters

  • (Sand Filter) A filtration system that removes contaminants by forcing the water through a vessel of sand.  These require backwashing about once a month and have no need for replacement chemicals.

  • (Sand Filter) Uses sand to collect debris from water running through it.

sand filters swimming pools - The New

The New American Swimming Pool: Innovations in Design and Construction: 40 Case Studies

The New American Swimming Pool: Innovations in Design and Construction: 40 Case Studies

The perfect pool has arrived! The New American Swimming Pool provides 40 dazzling case studies of what's hot and what's not in swimming pool design today.

Say goodbye to the kidney-shaped and rectangular pools with concrete borders that have dotted the suburban landscape over the past few decades. The New American Swimming Pool reveals what is fresh, new, and exciting in swimming pool design today.

This fascinating guide demonstrates how today's swimming pool can be a dazzling visual focal point, or designed so it seems to be a natural part of the surrounding landscape. Each case study includes a dramatic one and one-half page full-color photograph showing the pool and its setting, as well as a portfolio of smaller color illustrations and easy-to-follow plans, siting details, and information on materials and construction methods. Every stunning layout in The New American Swimming Pool is ready to foster the dreams of architects, designers, and homeowners alike of diving right into the ultimate pool.

“In The New American Swimming Pool, editor James Grayson Truelove carefully surveys 40 particularly striking forms—urban, suburban, oceanside and country—to isolate swimming pools' aesthetic and functional elements. Waterfalls, rock gardens, modernist geometries, dramatic illumination, tiling and terracing are all deployed. With its site plans, lists of materials and more than 300 color photos, the book will make a valuable reference for architects, landscape architects and homeowners.”—Publishers Weekly, April 30, 2001

“ an ideal arm-chair guide for those yearning for a high-end built-in model, even if your desire is merely a pipe dream.”—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 2001

• An outstanding addition to the best-selling New American series

• Swimming pools and swimming pool design are hot topics

• Details 40 case studies of inspirational pool designs by some of America's leading architects and landscape architects

89% (10)

The Creepy freaky fishy day : Sorry fish for the inconvenience !

The Creepy freaky fishy day : Sorry fish for the inconvenience !

I’ve been preparing the fish pool for about a week, fresh water, plants, rocks, sand, and a new air pump with filter, all the decorating stuff.

Today, finally, I bought these lovely fish and put them happily in the pool, but then I looked around the pool and wondered “where this water come from !!!! “

Yes there was A LEAK !!! a leak from the base of it, it was BROKEN !!!! yes of course I was terrified, I took the fish out again and put them temporarily in a bowl, and now what should I do ?! whom can I call ?! I don’t have a car, I don’t drive even, and all the others at their work (yes can you imagine that I took the day off specially for the fish? Crazy !).

Any way, I couldn’t find any one except my uncle (father’s brother), my great uncle, the greatest uncle in the world, I called him and said “come here at once, the pool is broken and I have to get a new one now ! “, and he was here in 10 minutes :)

While I was waiting for him, I went back to my room and I saw a strange yellow thing moving and shaking on the floor !! yes it was “Lemon Juice”, she jumped from the bowl trying to get to a bigger water space, the stupid crazy fish !!! thanks God I just saved her in the last moment, she was dying !!! I could have a heart attack !!!

Of course that made me more terrified, and I began to yell at my poor uncle to move at once, and we did :)

Unfortunately, it was the time of the children to get out of schools, and it was really so crowded hour, although we were there in the fish store in 10 minutes but I felt it was hours, and I started shouting at the kids to move fast, of course my uncle took the whole day laughing at me, and said “what do you think if we let the car horn on to announce the emergency situation?”

Ok ok laugh at me, but I was really scared that “Lemon Juice” jump again !

Ah, finally, we’re home and my uncle helped me a lot to put the new pool on the desk, but he was smoking that moment, and his cigarette cinder fell inside, that made me really mad again, and screaming again “take it to the bathtub to wash it, NOW !” , with all the annoying laughing of him !!

After the great help from him, washing it and filling it with water, at last the fish are all so happy in their new home :)

So, sorry fish for the inconvenience !

After I felt tranquil and watching the happy fish, I went to see my uncle, but he left :(
So I send him a message on his mobile phone “Me and my fish are so happy, thank you and God bless you, you greatest uncle in the world”


Ah, by the way, the new pool is much bigger than the old one :)
I didn't finish its decoration yet, there're still some things missed.


Read their names as notes on the photo:

Lemon Juice
Ice cream
Coco Beans


Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

This is a random thought. But what if we put sand and sea shells at the bottom of our swimming pools? It's a completely unrealistic idea, considering all the sand would get into the filter, and the nutrients in the water would be on overload, and your pool would end up being a big gross weird looking bad water bowl.


the the thought of it seems so exciting - minus all the realistic damages. Think about diving into your own personal ocean and finding a sea creature or shell or whatever at the bottom. Oh man, my mind and its crazy ideas.

sand filters swimming pools

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