62mm Circular Polarizing Filter - Onan Oil Filter Cross Reference Chart.

62mm Circular Polarizing Filter

62mm circular polarizing filter

    circular polarizing
  • (Circular polarizer) A polarizer is a device that converts a beam of electromagnetic waves (light) of undefined or mixed polarization into a beam with well-defined polarization. The common types of polarizers are linear polarizers and circular polarizers.

  • an electrical device that alters the frequency spectrum of signals passing through it

  • A porous device for removing impurities or solid particles from a liquid or gas passed through it

  • A screen, plate, or layer of a substance that absorbs light or other radiation or selectively absorbs some of its components

  • A device for suppressing electrical or sound waves of frequencies not required

  • device that removes something from whatever passes through it

  • remove by passing through a filter; "filter out the impurities"

62mm circular polarizing filter - Hoya 62mm

Hoya 62mm (G SERIES) Circular Polarizer PL CIR Filter

Hoya 62mm (G SERIES) Circular Polarizer PL CIR Filter

Dollar for dollar, there is no other accessory that can make as noticeable an improvement in the way your outdoor photographs look as a Polarizing Filter offers you. Light rays which are reflected by any surface become polarized and Polarizing Filters are used to select which light rays enter your camera lens rather than allowing all the scattered multi-directional light waves to enter simultaneously which degrades picture quality. Both the older style PL (Linear Polarizing) and the more modern PL-CIR (Circular Polarizing) filters provide the same photgraphic effect, but it is important to use the correct version for your camera. Many of today's cameras use semi-silvered mirrors or prisms to split the light entering the viewfinder in order to calculate exposure and focusing distance. Older style PL (Linear Polarizing) filters can sometimes interact with these components to give unpredictable exposure or focusing. So it is recommended that you choose a PL-CIR (Circular Polarizing) filter which will work on both the most modern digital cameras as well as the older manual focus film cameras. They allow you to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, wood, grass, leaves, snow, glass, etc. They also enable colors to become more saturated and appear clearer, with better contrast. This effect is often used to increase the contrast and saturation in blue skies and white clouds for incredibly vivid yet natural-looking scenic photographs. In addition, Hoya's Polarizing Filters do not adversely affect the overall color balance of the photograph.

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Giant Nawada Tree

Giant Nawada Tree

Yodha Nawada Gasa. Botanical name - Shorea Stipularis. Endemic to Sri Lanka.
Height - 43m
Girth - 6.3m
Photo taken in Sinharaja Tropical Rainforest, Kudawa, Sri Lanka.

I had the sun covered by the tree trunk and hence the glare. Could have gone around but then there were so many leeches that I decided not to. :-)

The Australian National Museum

The Australian National Museum

The Australian National Museum under a very stormy sky.
#176 on Explore on 6 July 2008.

62mm circular polarizing filter

62mm circular polarizing filter

Hoya 62mm DMC PRO1 Digital Circular Polarizer Glass Filter

Hoya DMC PRO1 Digital Filters are specifically designed and engineered for Digital SLR Cameras. Digital Multi Coated (DMC) construction greatly reduces lens flare and ghosting. The Black Almite Frame (BAF) is a black matte finish aluminum frame that reduces reflections to enhance contrast. In addition, the Black Rimmed Glass (BRG) reduces light reflection around the filter edge. Low Profile Frame (LPF) is an Ultra thin frame which helps avoid vignetting on wide-angle lenses. The Knurled Edge Frame (KEF) aids easy attachment and removal. UV filter absorbs invisible ultraviolet rays which make outoor photographs hazy and indistinct and serves as a permanent lens protector.

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Air Filter Cloth. Waterco Water Filter.

Air Filter Cloth

air filter cloth

    filter cloth
  • Wire or synthetic cloth woven with a greater number of wires in one direction than the other, and utilizing two different wire diameters. Filter cloth is woven in both lain and twill weave patterns and is also referred to as “Dutch Weave”.

  • A term relating to geotextiles used in filtration applications but has also become a generic term to cover all geotextiles.

  • a mixture of gases (especially oxygen) required for breathing; the stuff that the wind consists of; "air pollution"; "a smell of chemicals in the air"; "open a window and let in some air"; "I need some fresh air"

  • air out: expose to fresh air; "aerate your old sneakers"

  • be broadcast; "This show will air Saturdays at 2 P.M."

  • This substance regarded as necessary for breathing

  • The free or unconfined space above the surface of the earth

  • The invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth, a mixture mainly of oxygen and nitrogen

air filter cloth - Hoover CH84000

Hoover CH84000 Ground Command 20-Gallon Poly Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum with Cloth Filter

Hoover CH84000 Ground Command 20-Gallon Poly Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum with Cloth Filter

The Hoover CH84000 ground command commercial wet/dry vacuum cleaner offers multiple amenities that make the task of cleaning easy. Utilize the options, and your cleaning assignments will be completed in an efficient manner. The Hoover CH84000 ground command commercial wet/dry vacuum cleaner offers 1000-watts of cleaning power that's guaranteed to clean any mess efficiently. Featuring dual motors, this unit also offers a switch that allows you to move from wet to dry vacuuming easily. The Hoover CH84000 ground command commercial wet/dry vacuum cleaner includes 4 wheels that provide optimal mobility. Transporting this unit is easy. Just roll it along behind you. The 2 large rear wheels won't mar the floor either. Offering a sturdy wand, the Hoover CH84000 ground command commercial wet/dry vacuum cleaner makes reaching difficult spots easy. Moreover, the wand boasts incomparable suction capabilities for swift cleaning. The Hoover CH84000 ground command commercial wet/dry vacuum cleaner offers a cloth filter that's easy to remove and clean. Designed to catch dust particle, this filter protects the motor from debris.

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Bamboo-good luck plant eleven

Bamboo-good luck plant eleven

Lucky Bamboo stalks tied with red ribbon symbolizing fire, Kept on the dinning table in a glass bowl with water.

Common name: Good Luck Bamboo

Scientific classification:
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Ruscaceae
Genus: Dracaena
Species: D. sanderiana
Binomial name: Dracaena sanderiana

If you are looking for a plant that is beautiful, easy to grow and symbolizes good fortune,
a Lucky Bamboo plant is the perfect choice. Known as Lucky Bamboo for centuries, this tough
resilient plant is actually Dracaena sanderiana, a member of the lily family. A tropical plant,
it is native to the rain forests of Cameroon, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Lucky Bamboo and Feng Shui:

One of the most popular feng shui cures, Lucky Bamboo activates stagnant energy and enhances the flow of
positive energy, or auspicious chi, throughout your home or workplace.
An important part of feng shui, lucky bamboo plants are
said to bring good luck and fortune, especially if the plants were given as gifts.
It is important to take proper care of your Lucky Bamboo ensuring its health and vitality.
A strong symbol of good luck, Lucky Bamboo signifies good fortune, health and prosperity.
Used in feng shui, a plant usually has a combination of all the five elements which include:

* Wood - The bamboo plant
* Earth - The stones or pebbles
* Metal - The container itself (if it is made of glass is a metal element) or you can attach a small
metal figure or coin to the container
* Water - The water in which the Lucky Bamboo plant grows
* Fire - A red ribbon tied around the bamboo stalks or the container itself

The Meaning of the Number of Stalks:

Each beautiful arrangement of Lucky Bamboo has a specific number of stalks.
According to traditions dating from the ancient Chinese, the number of stalks in a bamboo arrangement
has a significant meaning and affects different areas of your life.

* One stalk - A meaningful and simple life and overall good fortune
* Two stalks - Happy relationships, luck in love and double luck
* Three stalks - Happiness, prosperity and longevity
* Three stalks with a curly stalk in the middle - Wealth (the curly stalk signifies money)
* Four stalks - Creativity and successful academic achievement and good luck with love
* Five stalks - A balance of good luck in all aspects of life, a life of happiness, each stalk
represents one of the five parts of life.
* Six stalks - A flow of good luck, easy money and wealth from favorable conditions
* Seven stalks - Good luck in relationships; good health
* Eight stalks - Fertility and good luck to thrive and grow
* Nine stalks - Overall good health, prosperity and a successful love life
* Ten stalks - A complete and fulfilling life
* Eleven stalks - General good luck in all aspects of life
* Twenty-one stalks - Offers an all purpose blessing that is very powerful
* A Lucky Log - Lucky Bamboo leaves keep sprouting from the log signifying a strong life.
This is a popular way of wishing someone a strong successful life or a prosperous business.

Lucky or not, bamboo or not, a Lucky Bamboo plant is very elegant and attractive, and extremely easy to care for.

These tough stalks can survive in vases of pure water or in soil, and in a wide variety of light conditions.
Even a poorly kept lucky bamboo plant will live for a long time before it finally succumbs.

Light: Lucky bamboo prefer bright, filtered sunlight, such as found under a rain forest canopy.
Avoid direct sunlight as it will scorch the leaves. They are more tolerant of too little light
than too much.
Watering: Lucky bamboo can grow indefinitely in a simple vase filled with pebbles (for support) and
at least an inch of water. However, they are very sensitive to chlorine and other chemicals
commonly found in tap water. Water your lucky bamboo only with bottled or distilled water,
or tap water that has been left out for 24 hours to allow the chlorine to evaporate.
Healthy lucky bamboo roots are red, so don't be alarmed in a glass vase if you can see red roots.
Finally, good hygiene recommends that you change the water weekly.
Temperature: Lucky bamboo likes warmer temperatures of between 65?F and 90?F. Do not place the plants in
front of air conditioning or heating vents.
Potting Media: In addition to water, lucky bamboo can be grown in a well-drained, rich potting soil.
Keep the soil moist, but not soaking.
Fertilizer: Plants grown in water will only need to be fed every other month or so,
using a very weak liquid fertilizer. A single drop of liquid fertilizer is plenty for most
lucky bamboo arrangements. Alternatively, specialty lucky bamboo fertilizers are available.

Curly Lucky Bamboo Stalks
Lucky Bamboo stalks do not naturally grow with

Air box cutout

Air box cutout

The metal cutout supplied by Van's to make room for the fuel servo throttle arm on the filtered air box (FAB) was too narrow for my installation, so I made one out glass over a foam mold.
The first layup was a little thin, so here I'm adding two more layers of cloth. The cheap brown packing tape has worked well as a release surface.

air filter cloth

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Butterworth notch filter - Poly filter media

Butterworth Notch Filter

butterworth notch filter

    notch filter
  • A circuit that takes a small "slice" out of the bandpass tuned by a receiver; this is useful for reducing interference from narrow bandwidth signals.

  • A specialized kind of equalizer that can be tuned to "notch out" problem frequencies without affecting neighboring frequency bands. Usually used to kill feedback frequencies. Equinox features two switchable notch filters.

  • A filter that attenuates signals within a very narrow band of frequencies

  • In signal processing, a band-stop filter or band-rejection filter is a filter that passes most frequencies unaltered, but attenuates those in a specific range to very low levels. It is the opposite of a band-pass filter.

  • Best in-band amplitude flatness, lower stopband attenuation than Chebyshev, better than Chebyshev for group delay flatness and overshoot (usually used as a compromise). All of the above are realizable in parallel-coupled, direct-coupled, and interdigital filter topologies.

  • a washing process used to gas free or clean a cargo tank, employing hot water or chemicals, sprayed through a patented rotating nozzle.  back

  • Butterworth was a township occupying the southeastern part of the parish of Rochdale, in the hundred of Salford, Lancashire, England. The centre of Butterworth was east of the market town of Rochdale

Erie Pennsylvania Dramatic Marina

Erie Pennsylvania Dramatic Marina

Erie Pennsylvania Marina located on the bayfront.

This is ( SOOC ) straight out of the camera with no processing done at all. I have captured this during one of the really cool moments over the bay with just using my Grad ND filter. I could never capture anything nice crisp and sharp like this before with any filters... but I learned a trick that you need to have top notch filter and lens to start with. I am pretty happy with Nikkor 18-55mm VR lens' performance. :-)

I kept this all original since it already looked like a post card and I wanted it to serve more like an editorial shot for local interests as well.

~Have a wonderful weekend everyone!~

© 2008 Igor Borisenko Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Moon (HDR filter) Pentax K-M, smc PENTAX-FA 80-320mm F4.5-5.6 14-05-11 IMGP8077

Moon (HDR filter) Pentax K-M, smc PENTAX-FA 80-320mm F4.5-5.6 14-05-11 IMGP8077

This was to try the in-camera HDR filter (one notch) to improve the dynamic range across the grey areas.

Taken on May 14, 2011 at 12.29am BST (edit)

Exif data
Camera Pentax K-m
Exposure 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture f/9.0
Focal Length 320 mm
ISO Speed 100
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Picture Mode Manual; 1/3 EV steps
Drive Mode Continuous (Hi); No Timer; Shutter Button; Single Exposure
Lens Type smc PENTAX-FA 80-320mm F4.5-5.6

butterworth notch filter

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Catv notch filter - Request blocked by url filter database

Catv Notch Filter

catv notch filter

    notch filter
  • A filter that attenuates signals within a very narrow band of frequencies

  • A circuit that takes a small "slice" out of the bandpass tuned by a receiver; this is useful for reducing interference from narrow bandwidth signals.

  • In signal processing, a band-stop filter or band-rejection filter is a filter that passes most frequencies unaltered, but attenuates those in a specific range to very low levels. It is the opposite of a band-pass filter.

  • A specialized kind of equalizer that can be tuned to "notch out" problem frequencies without affecting neighboring frequency bands. Usually used to kill feedback frequencies. Equinox features two switchable notch filters.

  • Community antenna television (i.e., cable television)

  • Category 5 cable is a twisted pair high signal integrity cable type often referred to as Cat5 or Cat-5. Most Category-5 cables are unshielded, relying on the twisted pair design for noise rejection. Category 5 has been superseded by the Category 5e specification.

  • Community Aerial TV - covering a set neighbourhood/Town/City/County

  • Cable television is a system of providing television to consumers via radio frequency signals transmitted to televisions through fixed optical fibers or coaxial cables located on the subscribers property, much like the over-the-air method used in traditional television broadcasting (via radio

catv notch filter - Introduction to

Introduction to Cable Television (CATV) 2nd Edition: Analog and Digital Television and Modems

Introduction to Cable Television (CATV) 2nd Edition: Analog and Digital Television and Modems

This book explains the fundamentals of cable television systems, the equipment they use, what services they can offer, and how cable television fits and compares with other broadcast technologies. Cable television (CATV) is a television distribution system that uses a network of cables to deliver multiple video, data, and audio channels. This book provides an overview of cable television system technology including cable modems, digital television, high definition television (HDTV), along with how cable systems are evolving to offer advanced services such as ultra broadband and video on demand (VOD). Described are the basic parts of cable television systems including set top boxes, cable modems, distribution systems, and head end equipment. Analog and digital video technology fundamentals are provided including the different types of analog video (NTSC, PAL, and SECAM) and the key types of digital video compression (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and VC-1). You will discover why and how cable system operators are converting some of their networks from analog to digital to give more channel capacity and to provide for broadband Internet (cable modem) services. Described are the fundamentals of the data over cable service interface specifications (DOCSIS) and what each revision of DOCSIS provides to cable system operators. Explained are the different types of subscription services and value added pay per view (PPV) services including near video on demand (NVOD), video on demand (VOD), and personal video recorders (PVRs). You will learn how cable systems can upgraded to offer telephone services and why cable operators are transitioning from proprietary telephone systems to industry standard voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) systems. MMDS and LMDS wireless cable technology is described along with how cable operators can efficiently use these wireless systems to extend the range of their cable systems. The future of cable television is discussed including advances in interactive television and addressable advertising. Some of the most important topics featured in this book are: . Components and operation of CATV systems . Differences between analog and digital CATV systems . NTSC, PAL, and HDTV television signals . Video and audio compression . Cable modems using DOCSIS . MPEG digital formats . Video on demand (VOD) . Cable telephony . MMDS and LMDS wireless cable . How CATV is evolving into IPTV

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cranking things up a notch

cranking things up a notch

a red filter darkens the sky even more, but unfortunately washes out the main hall. did i mention the hall was red? i've made an important new discovery: filters lighten similar colors when shooting with black and white film. biyong ("jade disc") hall, shot from behind the moat railings

Spruce Peak

Spruce Peak

...as seen from a boulder about halfway between the road through Smugglers Notch and the peak. Yes, this involved a bit of mountain climbing to take, dragging a tripod the whole way up.

Please do not use this photo without my permission, but feel free to ask :-)

catv notch filter

catv notch filter

Nyrius NRFM100 Universal Channel RF Signal Modulator Audio/Video Converter with UHF/CATV Mode for satellite/cable TV set-top-box, DVD, surveillance camera

The Nyrius NRFM100 RF modulator allows you to watch your audio/video device on multiple TVs throughout your home by setting it to a dedicated channel. Simply change to the desired channel on any of your TVs and instantly watch your set-top-box, favorite DVD or check your front door surveillance camera when the doorbell rings.

View Your Device on Multiple TVs
The Nyrius RF modulator gives you the opportunity to view your audio/video devices like a DVD player throughout your home. This RF modulator can be used with your home CATV/antenna coaxial cable network allowing you to view your a/v device in any room with a TV.

Multiple Channel Selections
View your audio/video device on any open channel on your television. The digital LED channel selector will allow you to choose a channel between 14-69, 64-94 and 100-125.

Cascading Multiple RF Modulator Units
Use multiple Nyrius RF modulators to monitor your home security system. With this system you can use one modulator per camera and monitor each camera on a different channel on your television. Channel 100 can be your front door camera, channel 102 can be your backyard camera and channel 104 can be your cable/satellite set-top-box.

Make Any TV Compatible
Not all TVs have RCA inputs for your audio/video devices. The Nyrius RF modulator will allow you to use your RCA composite audio/video device on an older TV that is only compatible with coaxial cable input.

Easy Plug and Play Installation
Connect the RCA composite audio/video cable of your audio/video device to the RCA connections on the modulator. Connect your cable/satellite/antenna TV signal to the CABLE/SAT INPUT coaxial connection. With the included cable, connect the A/V OUTPUT coaxial connection to your home CATV/antenna coaxial cable network. Lastly, set your channel on the digital LED display and change your TV to the chosen channel to broadcast your audio/video device.

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Flanders Hepa Filter Housings

flanders hepa filter housings

  • A region in the southwestern part of the Low Countries, now divided between Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. It was a powerful medieval principality and the scene of prolonged fighting during World War I

  • a medieval country in northern Europe that included regions now parts of northern France and Belgium and southwestern Netherlands

  • The Flanders Automobile Company was a short-lived US-American automobile manufacturer which operated in Detroit, Michigan, from 1910 to 1913.

  • Flanders (Dutch: , Flandre) is the (political) community of the Flemings but also one of the institutions in Belgium, and a geographical region located in parts of present-day Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.

  • HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particle Arrestor, used to reduce the number of contaminants in indoor air. A HEPA filter will arrest or stop 99.97% of all particles .3 microns or larger.

  • short for High Efficiency Particulate Air – often used to refer to the level of filtration for vacuum cleaners or dust extraction.

  • A high efficiency particulate air , or HEPA , filter is a type of high-efficiency air filter.

Underwater housings, 35mm

Underwater housings, 35mm

Note the lightdays pads inside the ports. A little trick for keeping the dribble leaks under control. For the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

Two Arri III cameras, crystal sync bases, magnesium layback mags. 400 ft loads, 120 fps max speed. Zeiss standard primes, with just enough room to tape on a pola or 85 filter. Waterproof to 30 feet on a good day. We shot a lot of Blue Crush on the yellow one, and have also used it at Jaws on Maui, in 60 foot surf. Housings by Aquatech.

Photographed at Haleiwa Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Suzuki GSX-R1100W Streetfighter

Suzuki GSX-R1100W Streetfighter

My new bike...

95 GSXR 1100w
- Custom Billet Triples
- Rizoma grips/reservoirs/indicators
- K9 clutch and brake masters
- adjustable levers
- K&N pod filters
- rearsets
- Hel braided lines
- Braided throttle and clutch lines
- jetted and dynoed by Sydney dyno
- Shortened Yoshi can & akra headers
- Green dyna coils
- CBR 1000 subframe with custom seat and tail
- K9 sprockets (more off the lights)
- Streetfighter head lights
- Polished swing arm and rims
- Chrome switch housings

flanders hepa filter housings

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